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  • Think with Google – The Road to Winning Drivers: What Drivers Want in Automotive Aftermarket Serviceversion PDF, tag « Automobile »
  • The future of car sales is omnichannelversion PDF, infographies liées

    With more direct customer interaction and more sales online, automakers and dealers will be forced to rethink and upgrade their entire sales operating model, focusing on five dimensions in particular.

    • Create new functions and roles. To meet the demands of an omnichannel sales model, automakers and dealers will need to fill new roles and staff them with skilled employees.
    • Upgrade core processes. Fulfilling customers’ requirements will require new processes, including direct customer contact management (that is, channeling requests to the right person, no matter which channel they come in through).
    • Update the organizational structure. Because an omnichannel sales process crosses functional boundaries and requires close collaboration across functions and business units, automakers will need to restructure some parts of the organization, breaking down silos and flattening some layers, in order to serve customers across the entire purchase episode.
    • Implement a new governance and steering model. Automakers will need to broaden their focus beyond volumes and margins to include more operational aspects in their models for steering their sales process. New elements such as campaigns, communication content and, most important the consistency of retail prices across channels will need to be coordinated to ensure seamless cross-channel experiences.
    • Adapt incentive schemes. To prevent undesired competition between channels, incentive schemes will need to be adapted. For example, dealers could be rewarded for getting a customer to buy online (saving on system costs) or register with an online service (tying customers to the brand), or for helping an online customer with a special configuration question (strengthening direct sales).

    In order to achieve the next-generation sales model, automakers will need to build new capabilities. They will need to attract new talent to create exciting digital experiences and customer episodes, as well as upgrade their IT capabilities to provide the apps and tools required to operate in an omnichannel world. Building these digital capabilities will not only help serve customers better, but could also help automakers cut their sales and marketing costs significantly.

  • Le digital secoue le marketing automobile sur l’usine nouvelle/l’usine auto.

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