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[CSS] La propriété column-count (ou columns) coupe mes rangées de tableaux de façon arbitraire

Source: How to prevent column break within an element?.



[jQuery] un sticky avec effet smooth

[jQuery] Passer $(this) dans une fonction à l’aide de thisObj

[jQuery][SASS] Masquer les éléments d’une liste au-delà de 10 et les afficher au clic sur un bouton « Voir plus »

Source : nkd-show-more-list sur github. A ready-to-skin show more/show less jQuery/SASS component.

Live demo:


Just initialize the plug-in on an HTML UL/OL element, ID or class (on an UL/OL element), and set a value within the data-visible-amount attribute. Keep HTML and classes structure.

[SASS][BEM] @at-root et ampersand

Ressources en ligne:

  • Sass Techniques from the Trenches (version PDF), SUIT, BEM CSS conventions and the power of ampersand. There are loads of articles out there about how to do CSS architectural things like BEM, and articles about the features of Sass, but I think this article does the best job I’ve seen yet of linking between the two and showing how the features of Sass help you right good clean CSS code.

Source: Sass Snippets: The Almighty Ampersand

Almost Profound — Sass Snippets_ The Almighty Ampersand (PDF)


CSS output:

The trailing Ampersand


CSS output


CSS output

A Much Simpler @at-Root


CSS output

The double Ampersand


CSS output