Solution: stevenwanderski/bxslider-4: links in sliders aren’t working – Error in the latest version of Chrome (73.0.3683.75).

I might have found a reliable fix for this. The problem happens in Chrome because it doesn’t fire a click event after pointerup unlike other browsers such as Firefox. This is because bxslider in onTouchStart function sets slider viewport as target of all succeeding pointer events. Now if you have a link inside a slide when you click the link the target of pointerdown is not slider viewport, but the link content and since this target is different from pointerup target (which is slider viewport), then Chrome doesn’t fire a click. The solution is to make sure pointerup fires on the same element as pointerdown so that Chrome fires a click. So we need to refactor this snippet:

to this:

This solved the problem for me in Chrome without loss of any functionality in any browser or mobile device.