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The SASS ampersand (&)

  • The Sass Ampersand – The & is an extremely useful feature in Sass (and Less). It’s used when nesting. It can be a nice time-saver when you know how to use it, or a bit of a time-waster when you’re struggling and could have written the same code in regular CSS. Let’s see if we can really understand it.

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  • – The sassiest way to play with Sass, Compass, & LibSass

    SassMeister is a playground for Sass, Compass, and LibSass. Add some Sass and SassMeister will show you the rendered CSS. SassMeister supports both Sass and SCSS syntaxes, all output styles, and an ever-expanding list of Sass libraries.

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Installation, mise à jour, maintenance

Mettre à jour SASS (SCSS)

$ sass -v pour connaître la version installée.

$ sudo gem update sass
$ sudo gem update compass pour mettre à jour les packages SASS et compass.

Mettre à jour Ruby vers la version 2.0.0

Sera nécessaire à partir de la version SASS 3.5 qui ne supportera plus Ruby 1.9.x.
Source : How to install Ruby 2.1.4 on Ubuntu 14.04.

Installer les librairies pré-requises :

Installer rbenv qui sert à installer Ruby :

Optionnel : ne pas installer la documentation de Ruby